Friends, Enemies, and the Friend you find in between

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You gotta be careful with some people.

I get why people believe that being “nice” more like lying, is better to tell people, but it’s cancerous not being able to tell people the truth. By not doing so, under the premise of being nice, you’re helping that person dig a deeper hole to crawl out of.

I’m convinced that it’s a sickness. A limping dog with no hope. Hear me clearly, I’m not saying, nor asking anyone to be nasty when revealing the truth, it’s already gonna sting a little. I’m saying, give the people you love enough decency to hear the cold truth from a loved one. You’re the one likely to offer them a jacket than a stranger.


Trust me, I stay FARRRRR away from people who can’t communicate the truth. Those are the people who kill you in your sleep. The truth doesn’t suffocate people, lies do…

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