Silver Glass

The Expressible Café


Washing over me… your voice comes. It’s so soothing even if I don’t need the calm. It is welcome here. I am swept away by the sway of melodic guide. “Why do you weep?” I hear you call out. I will mark my place and be solace to those I can. I want to reach them, you. “What can you see… on the horizon?” So much is there that lays hidden. Come and go with me and make it a moment of playfulness. Time does not stand. Its breezy flow carries on by gentle winds and hymns. “Hope fades into the world of night, through shadows falling, out of memory and time…” But you must cling, you must hold true. Do not release the anchor. A simple tune carrying my thoughts away, the picking of strings, delicate and poignant. They transform the moment into a flurry of feeling. With eyes…

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