Let it Be.

I am not extremely fortunate in a lot of life’s aspects, but I definitely don’t meet the requirements to be labeled as unfortunate as well. I’ve got certain flaws very few other people share, but I am also blessed with some enviable qualities alongside them. I can’t change many of the things I feel insecure about. So upon realizing this ever-present fact I usually just shut down and give up. Because shame and vulnerability are not only uncomfortable, but they can be fucking painful when endured on a regular basis. So instead of finding my inner courage and strength to change so that I can fix solvable issues and begin to accept the permanent ones, I tap out. I surrender to my own self-destruction. And I soothe my wounds with pity and blame. I remain immobilized and in lack of any real desire to live. So I continue to substitute my life for my existence, just like so many of us do to resolve our own inner turmoil and temporarily calm our personal demons. We live like cowards, but treat ourselves like royalty. We use denial as a pacifier, and we pretend we have no control over the current state of our lives. And we remain stuck here in this limbo, indefinitely, until either we die or wake ourselves the fuck up. The lucky ones finally do find a way to wake up in the end, and they are deemed lucky ONLY after they take their lives into their own hands for once and make the decision to CHOOSE their pathways for themselves, instead of leaving all of that burden on “fate” that is “out of their control”. Once they accomplish this huge leap, and cross over that first big milestone, things start to turn around for them in their lives. They recognize their innate power, and they wholly accept the current truth of their reality. Then after all of that, it’s really just the process of putting one foot in front of the other and taking life day by day. Just like the wisest men of the world have always been saying. The simple truth lies in looking at our lives and ourselves SIMPLY.

And when/if you get overwhelmed with the simplicity of this solution…
Just Let go and Let GOD!


10 thoughts on “Let it Be.

    • Thanks šŸ™‚ I literally just wrote it out real fast and hit send. I didn’t even read it because I knew I’d probably second guess everything. But I kinda wish I would have scanned through it at least, lol, because I kept running on my sentences and switching back from I to ‘we’. Haha but besides all that, I’m glad I started up again. I feel like that wall is finally broken down. thanks for motivating and encouraging me to put myself back out there. You rock!


  1. “We live like cowards, but treat ourselves like royalty” – this is very well said. In my case, I rarely put myself out there, yet I keep expecting people to reach out to me. And of course I get wounded when they fail to do so (because, ya know, their lives don’t revolve around me). Thank you for sharing. šŸ™‚


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