William Galloway Ice: He was called “Indian Billy” …

my 9th great grandpa ❤


Indian Billy was a kind and gentle man, often, but he had “mischievous Indian ways”, like growing a large pumpkin field and helping the neighbor children steal his own pumpkins.

William "Indian Billy" Ice William “Indian Billy” Ice

William Galloway Ice was born, the second son of Frederick Ice and Mary Galloway, on the 1st of April, in 1730. The family was living in the South Branch of the Potomac River in Patterson Creek, Hampshire County, Virginia. This area would later become part West Virginia. William was also a colorful character and the father of most of the modern day Ice families in the United States, mostly because he was the father of 17 children with three different wives.

After a year with a remarkably good crop, when William was about ten years old, Frederick Ice and several of the men from the town went to the mill. They had a long distance to…

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It’s all relative.

The sins and horrible behavior and acts accepted by people and society, while others are collectively thought to be unacceptable. Views reflected by the rich and powerful are automatically disregarded as wrong not matter how brutal or unfair or evil they may be. We have decided to live our lives in accordance with the intimidating and ‘important’ men of the world, Gods words are twisted and are only taken seriously and put to practice if they suit our current wants and needs. We ignore the beautiful and real truth, and choose only to accept the version of it that keeps us comfortable. We willingly choose to believe our own ugly lie as the ‘important truth’, and confront anyone with quick words if the validity of that truth is ever questioned. We sleep soundly every night, so sure of our lives, secretly proud of how admirably we have led our lives and how faithful we have always been to our God and ourselves. Never conflicted with doubt or burdened with any guilt. We know we did the right thing, the things that God really meant for us and knew we were actually able to accomplish. Those other laws are for the old world, not us. We can get away with much more, and sacrifice much less, but God completely accepts and understands that. We condemn and curse and belittle and judge all of those around us, but never even attempt to hold ourselves to the same requirements. We think we know and understand all there is to know about everything, and we clearly don’t. Because we allow others to mistreat and disregard the wellbeing of our less fortunate brothers and sisters, because it’s not our problem and there’s nothing we can do to stop it anyway. Better to stay well out of it and far away from the heat and the coldness of it, because we know that our souls will sting us with the pain of if we allow our minds to fully recognize what the reality of our situation actually is. And if, and/or when, our time comes to take our turn on the other side of the fence..the side that we can always rely on to stake their claim on us.. Even if it is completely unprovoked on our part.. We still eventually wind up sitting all alone on that cold, hard witness stand.. Where a fair trial is most unlikely, since the prosecution is led by human selfishness, while ego is our best shot as a public defender; because injustice acts as both judge as well as the jury. But following the trial, after the guilty verdict has hastily been reached and apathetically delivered, in the end it’s always cruelty who solely takes the life by swinging the sword, so therefore, he receives the majority of the credit and is handed all of the hypocrites blame.