William Galloway Ice: He was called “Indian Billy” …

my 9th great grandpa ❤


Indian Billy was a kind and gentle man, often, but he had “mischievous Indian ways”, like growing a large pumpkin field and helping the neighbor children steal his own pumpkins.

William "Indian Billy" Ice William “Indian Billy” Ice

William Galloway Ice was born, the second son of Frederick Ice and Mary Galloway, on the 1st of April, in 1730. The family was living in the South Branch of the Potomac River in Patterson Creek, Hampshire County, Virginia. This area would later become part West Virginia. William was also a colorful character and the father of most of the modern day Ice families in the United States, mostly because he was the father of 17 children with three different wives.

After a year with a remarkably good crop, when William was about ten years old, Frederick Ice and several of the men from the town went to the mill. They had a long distance to…

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