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I will one day be a Queen.

In this life I will one day be a Queen. I will have everything I am willing and courageous enough to inherit. I will have always at my side, my right hand along with my left. My right hand is the one my mind counts on the most, to call forth into being and understanding the many things I feel are important to fulfilling my personal destiny. My right hand will receive most of the honor and the recognition that I shall achieve in all of my future dreams and accomplishments. But I will know the real truth of the matter, and that real truth is that my left hand deserves far more credit, appreciation and praise than my right hand ever accepted, because although my right hand was following orders and giving noticeable evidence that lead to all my acknowledgements and recognitions, my left hand was the sole provider of those messages. While my right hand was faced downward towards my pen and paper, my left hand was always and forever facing its Palm upwards towards the heavens to receive the guidance and many blessings that have been bestowed upon me because I gave up my prideful desire to accept all of the credit as purely my own. It’s easy and comforting to believe and allow others to believe that we are better than they are and that’d we’ve been given more opportunities and fortunes in life because we are favored by our creator. But we know more than we would ever admit that that is most certainly not nor ever has been the case. We were given our gifts so that we can serve and support our falling brothers and our desperate sisters. The gift we have been given is for them, not for us. As their gifts were given to them likewise, to inspire and motivate our spiritual growth when needed. I am not right, and my left hand isn’t as well. I open my whole self up to God and I trust that he will give me everything that I currently need, and he does. Always, and forever. I am blessed with a left hand to listen and a right hand to talk. And now that I’ve finally accepted my personal truth as well as our collective truth as it is and always has been, I finally and fully respect that our Father God in heaven will never fail us nor let us fall. We are a net, constantly connected, yet sometimes stretched to our limits. It’s alright to be this way, we are what he created us to be. And as long as we continue to love him and to trust in him, he will never forsake us. His hand has never Left our hand, even when we stubbornly insist that we are the only Right ones. I love you. Amen.